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Internet Marketing

You Will Not Find a More Tech-Savvy Realtor in This Area!

Is the Internet actually that important? Well, consider that 83% of buyers now use it as their primary source to find properties. Internet marketing is EXTREMELY important! I have even given classes to other Realtors on proper Internet marketing. Here are some of the things I can do for you:

Custom Virtual Tour Almost every property I market gets a custom virtual tour set up on the Internet. Not only that, but I custom-build virtual tours from the ground up. This can include professional-quality photos from specific points of view, floor plans, and various features that few other Realtors provide.

Internet Exposure All of my properties get posted to multiple Internet websites. If a person searches for a property online, they will almost certainly end up on at least one of the major real estate websites I advertise with.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) I am sure you already know the importance of having a listing on the local MLS. Agent-to-agent contact through the MLS plays a part in over 80% of property sales. The vast majority of Realtors only post properties to their local MLS. Not only do I post properties to the Santa Barbara MLS, but I maximize your property’s exposure by advertising on every coastal MLS from Paso Robles to San Diego! All of these, in turn, get their listings copied to many additional real estate websites, both big and small. Maximum exposure maximizes your sales price!

Web Commercials and E-mail Slideshows If you don’t know what these things are, you aren’t alone. Most Realtors have never heard of these either! Imagine opening your email and having a professional slideshow of your property start playing. Browse through the “Sellers” page of this website to view some excellent examples of multimedia marketing.

Newsletters and E-mails I have monthly newsletters and e-mails that go out to all my buyers. These are not junk publications; my buyers are thrilled to get them! I pack these emails with the latest info on market trends, loan rates, and the best housing deals around. All my listings get promoted through these highly anticipated publications, which go out to over 900 buyers in my database.

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